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Taliban Regular Forces: Ideological Orientation

Bakhtar News Agency reported that the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, Mawlavi Hibatullah Akhundzada visited the 215 Azam military Corps.

The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, during his visit to 215 Azam Military Corps, discussed several important issues with the Mujahideen and insisted on further activism and defense of the country’s territorial integrity.

Mawlavi Hibatullah Akhundzada has been out of the public glare and is not known to have visited locations outside Kandahar the Taliban base and ideological hub.

Apart from a visit to Kabul where he attended a gathering of ulemas, Hibatullah has been continuing in Kandahar where a number of delegations of officials, tribal elders and clerics have been meeting him from time to time for overall guidance.

This the first time that Hibatullah has visited an army formation. The 215 Azam Corps is one of the eight corps of the Islamic Emirate Army established in October 2021 and headquartered in Helmand.

Helmand saw significant levels of violence during the two decades of presence of NATO forces in the country and at present the situation is peaceful with the Corps having limited challenges. The purpose of the visit would be to mainly sustain ideological leanings of the cadres rather than any security review.

Bakhtar News Agency reported that many soldiers and policemen have graduated from the educational and training centers of these provinces after intellectual read ideological and military training, say security officials of Nangarhar and Balkh.

460 soldiers graduated from Nangarhar East Zone Police Education and Training after a month and a half of intellectual and military training. The chief of this center, Rahmatullah Nomani, said during a ceremony addressing the soldiers:

“You are the servants of the people, you will try your best to serve the people. 12,500 soldiers have graduated from this educational and training center after intellectual and military training, he added. Meanwhile, several policemen graduated from Balkh Education and Training Center.

The Taliban are seeking to create a force of 1,50,000 regular army cum an air force from the machines that have been left over from the Republic led Afghan Air Force.

In reconfiguration of the forces, ideological orientation is expected to be the way ahead. Thus it is not surprising that during his visit to the Azam Corps supreme leader, listening to the problems and suggestions of the Mujahidin, gave necessary instructions and advice.

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