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About Us

Security Risks Asia operates website and is an independent venture incorporated as Sasia Security Risks.Com Pvt. Ltd  on 30 April 2008 Ltd with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs Government of India, New Delhi  to include Rahul K Bhonsle, a veteran soldier and Promila Bhonsle as Directors.

Security Risks Asia builds on rich experience of the Directors to devote to mitigation of risks through a knowledge based analysis. While focusing on Strategic Risks the objective is human security the theme of this web enterprise. The aim is to care for security of every individual in this World, saving lives through prediction of risks. Presently resources permit us to focus on the Indo Asia Pacific, a region which has all the classic contemporary threats - inter state competition cum conflict, nuclear, conventional, terrorism, insurgency, militancy, disease and disaster and so on. The risk prediction processes of Security Risks Asia are based on in depth analysis of open source information using rigorous tools varying from inductive and deductive, qualitative and quantitative research, Net Assessment, Game Theory, predictive analytics and so on effectively employing expertise of over 100 experts empanelled and associated for long with the company. The website features articles, news, risk advisories including videos and presentations. In addition  e mails, web alerts, phone calls, sms alerts, chat shows, web seminars, workshops, articles, lectures and other information spread techniques are used.

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