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Taliban (IEA) Focus on Special Forces

On February 13, Ministry of Interior (MoI) announced formation of a new Special Forces unit of 200 soldiers who will use modern weapons and military equipment.

The soldiers are reportedly well-trained to tackle complex security incidents. The capacity of the unit is expected to increase as per the Tolonews.

“(I) congratulate the brave people of Afghanistan. We have our own troops… We are the owner of our troops now. They (Islamic Emirate’s forces) protect their nation, soil, the national values,” said Noor Mohammad Jalali, the deputy minister of Interior as per the Tolonews.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony of the Special Forces unit, Anas Haqqani, a senior member of the Islamic Emirate, told the newly graduated unit that the security forces should not harass the people. “You are trained to bring happiness and protect them. You are not trained to disturb them. You should remember this- you should bring happiness and safety. You should not spread fear in the nation,” he said as per the Tolonews.

“We, the special forces of the Islamic Emirate, are performing ... rapid duties to counter the enemy. We are ready to sacrifice our lives for the Islamic Emirate,” said a solider of the Special Force Unit as per the Tolonews.

The Taliban occasionally shows off "special forces" on social media, soldiers in new uniforms equipped with American equipment who contrast sharply with the image of the usual Afghan insurgent.

While it is believed that the Taliban raised special forces will be no match for Western special forces, or those of India or Pakistan. But they are more effective than normal Taliban.

At the same time the interior ministry representative Anas Haqqani has sought the group to exercise caution in dealing with the local people after cases of harassment and revenge killings have come to notice.


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