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Karzai Seeks Loya Jirga for Inclusiveness in Afghanistan

Taliban has claimed from time to time that their government – Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is inclusive and thus the international community must recognise legitimacy.

So far the Taliban is officially named as De Facto Authority (DFA) by the United Nations and other agencies.

Taliban’s claims of inclusiveness is however exposed with the plight of leaders of the former Republican government who continued to stay on in Kabul.

Former President Hamid Karzai and the former Chief Executive Officer and the Chairman of the High National Council for Reconciliation who had negotiated with the Taliban in Doha – Dr Abdullah Abdullah stayed back in Kabul even as incumbent President Ashraf Ghani fled in a helicopter.

The two leaders Mr Karzai and Mr Abdullah sought to cooperate with the Taliban government and possibly work out an inclusive set up in the country which was agreed upon in the talks in Doha which had been ongoing up to August 15th last year when the Taliban entered Kabul.

An inclusive government – ethnically as well as judicious combination of the Taliban and officials from the Republic government was seen in the interest of the country. This is also a demand of the international community for recognition of the IEA.

It is now apparent that the Taliban has no intention of forming an inclusive government with the help of the two top leaders and is also keeping them confined in the country even as most others of the Republic era have left and are either in Turkey or UAE amongst other countries.

Karzai called for holding of Loya Jirga as the most viable option. “There is no decision on holding the Loya Jirga. About the future-- of course it is usual that the people of Afghanistan have always held gatherings, with the people and the Ulema, to make a good decision,” the Islamic Emirate’s Spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid told a press conference last week.

Loya Jirga a long standing Afghan traditional institution for decision making is seen as a viable alternative to achieve national consensus. The Taliban does not accept elections which are a mark of democracy or referendum also a democratic practice thus the best option appears to be the Afghan tradition of the Loya Jirga that can provide legitimacy.

While the Taliban had assured multiple consultations with key leaders in the country as former President Hamid Karzai who has continued to stay in the country along with Dr Abdullah Abdullah, the Taliban have made no attempts to seek their advice.

“As long as peace comes to Afghanistan and we don’t witness fighting among (several) fronts and inter-brother fighting—it is satisfactory, but we have not reached our most hoped-for peace and stability, which is the will of the Afghan people—the peace which is ensured through national unity—the peace in which all Afghans are considered in decision-making about Afghanistan,” Karzai said in an interview with an Iranian news agency.

What more former president Hamid Karzai said that he and former head of Afghan reconciliation council Abdullah Abdullah cannot travel out of Afghanistan. Speaking in an interview with Iran’s Alalam TV on , March 9 Hamid Karzai said, there is no problem in going around Kabul city but he and Abdullah cannot fly out of the country.

“Abdullah Abdullah and I can go around Kabul city, many people come to visit us both every day but there are issues in traveling abroad.” said, Karzai.

Earlier, there were reports that Karzai and Abdullah were imprisoned at home prisoned but the imprisonment is not confirmed.

Quite apparently the treatment of former leaders of the government will be one of the aspects for considering recognition.

Meanwhile the global focus has shifted to Ukraine and Afghanistan is virtually on the backburner for the United Nations and big powers despite the humanitarian tragedy in the country.


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