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2022 FM Global Resilience Index

As per website of FM Global, the 2022 FM Global Resilience Index is the only data-driven tool that provides with a means for understanding the resilience of nearly 130 countries' business environments.

The Index is an online data tool that provides senior executives an understanding of the relative resilience of the 130 countries and territories which have been mapped for their business environment.

Drivers Used

Under the Economic Factors, Productivity, Political Risk, Energy Intensity, Healthcare Expenditure and Urbanization Rate has been mapped.

In the Risk Quality factor Seismic Risk Exposure Climate Risk Exposure Climate Risk Quality Fire Risk Quality Cyber Risk Quality has been mapped.

In the Supply Chain factor series, Control of Corruption Quality of Infrastructure, Corporate Governance, Supply Chain Visibility and Supply Chain Timeliness has been mapped.

Insight to Users

The Users can accordingly derive insights into a country’s vulnerability to disruptive events and ability to recover swiftly as per the website.

This can be used to gain insights that inform responsible strategic decisions concerning:

· A country's vulnerability to disruptive events and its ability to recover swiftly.

· 15 key drivers of resilience, such as a changing climate, political risk and control of corruption.

· Risk evaluations of owned locations, critical dependencies within supply chains, aspirations for future expansion and acquisition/divestment due diligence.

· Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) values.

The Logic

Mitigating risk is the mark of resilient companies. And it’s a big reason why more than one-third of Fortune 1000 companies choose to partner with us says FM Global on the Web site

What the Company provides?

The company claims that it is not like other property insurance companies and is guided by the belief that most losses can be prevented.

So the company understands the business needs and reduces risk.

The clients hope to discover approach to claims is different, too as the company works closely with before, during and after a loss—no matter where in the world that loss occurs.

And the company grounds recommendations in world-class scientific research and on-the-ground engineering services.

Most losses can be prevented. This belief has guided FM Global from the beginning to this day. Whether you’re preparing for the fight or climbing back on your feet, you’ll have an ally in resilience.


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