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Two regiments of the indigenously produced Akash SAM are under induction which was developed to replace the Kvadrat but has now been used for replacement of the Pechora missile system. The objective for initial development was to facilitate air defence cover for mobile forces in the fast moving battlefield. However the inability to provide such cover during trials by acquiring and then engaging targets led to the employment in a static role for the defence of VAs and VPs. The Akash however suits the IAF for static role in defence of airfields.

The Akash can target aircraft up to 30 km at an altitude of 18,000 metres and is supported by the ‘Rohini’ radar that can detect an aircraft 120 km away.

The two Akash regiments comprise of six firing batteries and missiles at a cost of Rs 14,180 crore. In addition Rs 200-crore are required for the creation of ground infrastructure for the two Akash regiments.

Akash was inducted in the Army on 05 May 2015

The IAF will deploy eight Akash squadrons

The Akash however suits the IAF for static role in defence of airfields.

Akash is capable of multi-target and multi-direction engagements.

Short Range SAMs (SRSAM)

SRSAMs are a typical kind of missiles that are required to provide short range missile cover to vulnerable assets. Mobility, surveillance on move and firing immediately on halt are not critical operational parameters. Akash weapon system, as matured in its current form, is a good enough SRSAM that meets the operational requirement. Build on Akash SRSAMs.

In the field of Short Range SAMs (SRSAM), while the Akash is a success story. The challenge for the OEMs is to ensure the realisation of weapon system as full-fledged regiments gets on the top gear by cutting out delays in delivery schedules and spare support. It has to be understood that the requirement of SRSAM is critical to provide Short Range Missile cover to strategic vulnerabilities.

Akash MK-1 : Indigenous missile has been in development for nearly Two decades and successfully completed its developmental and user trials few years back and has entered production. While air force has accepted and inducted it with open arms , Indian Army also has reluctantly accepted them . Akash is Fixed Area Air Defence Surface to Air System with a range up to 25kms which can take down low-flying cruise missiles or UAVs as close has 200-300 meters and currently been used to protect vital military assets and command posts in a combat zone .


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