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Indian Air Force Chief Calls for DEW Weapons

Indian Air Force chief Air Chief Marshal VR Chaudhari on March 21 called for design and development of systems as a part of Self Reliance apart from offensive and defensive space capabilities to safeguard assets, and directed energy weapons.

“The key to faster development of niche technology is to identify core areas of development, clearly articulate requirements, and closely interact with the industry to design and develop the technology,” Chaudhari said while speaking at a seminar on India’s Aerospace Capabilities and Technology Requirements as per the Hindustan Times.

“Well established defence manufacturing public sector enterprises must hand-hold and get the developed technology into the market for mass production. Unless all stake holders come together, I am afraid, we will continue to wallow in the dark and not see tangible progress,” the IAF chief said.

IAF chief said, “We need to capitalise on our initial successes in space and prepare ourselves for the future. The Indian aerospace industry along with other players like Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and Defence Space Agency (DSA) need to collaborate and chalk out the path for the future,” Chaudhari said. “The weapons of India @100 would look very different from weapons of India @75,” he said, drawing attention to the technological advances likely over the next 25 years.

The IAF chief stated, “Directed energy weapons, particularly lasers, provide significant advantages over traditional weapons such as precision engagement, low cost per shot, logistical benefits and low detectability. Our defence industries need to further the development of these weapons and also integrate them onto airborne platforms to get desired ranges and accuracy.”

“We are totally in sync with the government’s push towards Atmanirbharta and in the next few years, we are looking forward to inducting light combat aircraft (LCA) Mk 1A, HTT-40 trainers, indigenous weapons and a wide array of radars. The light combat helicopter (LCH) has been inducted and I am confident that the helicopter will add teeth to the IAF’s strike capability. We are fully committed to the development of LCA Mk 2 and the advanced medium combat aircraft (AMCA). The induction of C-295 aircraft is a step in the right direction and will boost the Indian aerospace manufacturing ecosystem,” Chaudhury was quoted by the Hindustan Times.

He also touched upon UAVs and swarm drones. “The use of such evolving technology in terms of swarms etc. in the military context will lead to a much higher demand of unmanned combat aerial vehicles/UAVs in the future”, he said and added, “We need to harness this technology to meet our future requirements and to have an edge. As a country, we need to focus on R&D and manufacturing in the field of stealth and anti-stealth technologies,” as per the Hindustan Times.


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