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Five Cyber Safety Tips by Cyber Dost

Cyber Dost - the safety and cyber security awareness handle maintained by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India has shared five important tips for citizens to keep in mind when online. These tips are as follows:- Never share personal information with unknown

Sharing your personal information with unknown persons on the internet can result in identity theft and other problems. Citizens are advised to not disclose their private information including bank account details on the internet.

Maintain netiquette while online

Netiquette is an abbreviation of Internet etiquette. It consists of guidelines for sending email, conversing online, and so on. The purpose of netiquette is to help develop an efficient environment for online communication, as well as to avoid generating conflict among users.

Take care with what you share online

Sharing information like OTPs, bank card details and addresses on the internet can be risky. Even in case of a grievance redressal from a company, it is always advisable to share personal details via DMs to the verified social media accounts only.

Never accept friend request from unknown person on social media platform

Accepting friend requests from strangers can put you at an increased risk of online threats. Scammers may spoof your profile to collect personal information and gain access to online accounts.

Always keep your password strong and safe

An ideal password with 12 characters long is generally considered safe. It should be a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols. A strong password will keep your personal info safe and prevent someone else from getting in to your online accounts.

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