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Cyber Vulnerability Aptos MoveVM

Recently, Singapore-based Web3 Security company Numen Cyber Technology disclosed a critical vulnerability on the much-anticipated public blockchain - Aptos.

Through Numen’s Web3 security vulnerability detection product, a critical security vulnerability in Aptos MoveVM was discovered. Attackers are able to execute specific codes in the Aptos MoveVM, causing a crash in the Aptos blockchain nodes.

Numen have also stated that this vulnerability made Aptos susceptible to Denial of Service (DoS) attacks. Aptos Labs has confirmed the existence of this vulnerability and Numen Cyber Labs has assisted their team in rectifying it.

Numen Cyber Labs has conducted a technical analysis with solutions for this critical vulnerability found within the Aptos MoveVM

DDOS Attack on Crypto

As per Certik, DDoS attacks can also impact crypto and blockchain?

Certik states, "Due to its digital nature, blockchain is susceptible to attack and exploitation. In theory, having a decentralized network distributing computing power worldwide should eliminate single points of failure such as servers or apps. DDoS attacks on a blockchain focus on the protocol layer, with the biggest threat to blockchains being transaction flooding. Traditional DDoS attacks can be executed against a blockchain to slow its operations, and attackers can work within the blockchain ecosystem to perform a DDoS attack".

Certik adds, "Most blockchains have a fixed block size and limit how many transactions fit into a block. By sending spam transactions to the blockchain, attackers can fill the blocks and hinder legitimate transactions from being added to the chain. When this happens, all legitimate transactions will end up in the mempool, waiting for the next block. Legitimate transactions not being added to the blockchain is already a system failure".


Public blockchain is the infrastructure that supports cryptocurrency transactions. Investors need to pay close attention to the security risks when investing in cryptocurrency.

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