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China: PLA Prepares for Winter Deployment on the Plateau

Photo Courtesy China Military Online

A report in China Military Online headlined, “Military medical experts conduct itinerant visits to plateau troops,” stated that recently, the General Hospital of the PLA Xizang Military Command formed a medical team of 12 medical experts from departments including orthopedics, gastroenterology and psychology to provide medical care for plateau troops.

The medical team traveled more than 2,000 kilometers, and arrived at different units under the Nagqu military sub-command to provide physical examination, medical treatment and other services.

With an average elevation of more than 4,500 meters, Nagqu City is known as the life exclusion zone. The doctors made detailed diagnosis and treatment for the troops, and introduced to them the causes and prevention methods of different diseases.

For those recruits who had never been in plateau areas before, the psychological experts taught them how to relax and adapt to the plateau environment as soon as possible through personal psychological counseling services and team games.

In an accompanying video by JS7TV of the Radio and Television Department of the Press and Communication Center of the Chinese People's Liberation Army the medical team is initially shown as travelling in a mountainous area which is covered with snow indicating that it is moving in Nagqu area on the Tibetan plateau.

In the next image the video shows the movement of the medical personnel on foot. It is not clear if this is a forward based on the Nagqu subcommand on in and around the Nagqu city mentioned in the China Military online write up.

Nagqu is a logistics base one of the largest in Tibet with a railway junction and an airfield.

The consultation by the medical experts is shown happening amidst barracks surroundings indicating that this has been carried out at a base.

Finally the video ends with troops on a basketball court engaged in friendly tug in groups of three.

The intent of the article and the video could well be to highlight preparations of the PLA to withstand the winters underlining good medical care standards of the military.

This comes after 20th round of India-China Corps Commander Level Meeting was held at Chushul-Moldo border meeting point on the Indian side on 9-10 October 2023 with both sides expressing commitment to maintain peace and tranquility in the border areas.

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