PM Office shared details of the interaction of Prime Minister Modi with the leaders of the SAARC countries through video conference to chart out a common strategy in order to combat COVID-19 in the region.
Whatever be the risks rejuvenating SAARC based on issues could be attempted in the interest of joint mobilization to meet common challenges such as COVID 19, while continuing isolation of Pak on terror
A summary of the numbers in terms of capital budget allocation, acceptance of necessity, contracts signed with Indian and Foreign vendors as compiled from Ministry of Defence Responses in the parliament
Despite risk of Pakistan’s Establishment – Army and ISI scuttling the move, Prime Minister Modi’s initiative to possibly revive SAARC has become imperative given economic challenges
Rocket attacks by PMU on Coalition base in Iraq leading to three service personnel killed and retaliatory response denotes possibility of escalation in the Iraq – Syria belt.
In a landmark initiative Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted calling for leaders of SAARC nations to chalk out strategy to fight Coronavirus, even as the organization has been moribund since 2016
Travel and tourism including hotel and transportation, ...etc impacted with Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Delhi and UP carrying the maximum burden
Parallel swearing in ceremonies by Ghani and Abdullah raises despondency but hopes alive for reconciliation in the coming fortnight
After initial reluctance in acknowledging the final Presidential results in Afghanistan, Pakistan has now congratulated President Ashraf Ghani on assuming the post of the President
Return to violence, Afghan President's reluctance to release Taliban prisoners, President Trump's remarks that Taliban may return to power are markers that the peace agreement is floundering
In Security Risks estimates published on 04 Feb a month before the ADB report it was estimated that Maldives is likely to face a major impact of Corona virus due to fall in tourism.
The ADB believes that the outbreak of COVID 19 will lead to, “sharp declines in domestic demand, lower tourism and business travel, trade and production linkages, supply disruptions, and health effects”.
Mr Rajnath Singh, India’s Defence Minister from his personal Twitter Account @Rajnath Singh on India’s no first use nuclear commitment on a visit to Pokhran led to a question in the parliament
A year after the Indian Air Force Balakote strike anniversary on Feb 26, a new concept for responding to terrorist attacks from Pak based groups seem to be under consideration by the Indian Armed Forces.
Supreme Court (SC) of Pakistan ruled civilians cannot be court-martialled during a hearing on the government's appeal against the release of Inamur Rahim — a retired colonel.
Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has reviewed the preparedness on the COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus. WHO issues comprehensive advisory
WHO has continued the risk from Corona virus at Very High Globally. Eight new Member States (Andorra, Jordan, Latvia, Morocco, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, and Tunisia) reported
Myanmar military-appointed parliamentarians, allied USDP strongly rejected proposed constitutional amendments to weaken military political power, final meet is set for 10 March
Fragile states with multiple fault lines as Iraq and Afghanistan cannot be molded to an external framework be it of democracy or socialism/communism through armed interventions
Kabul’s reluctance, legal and administrative difficulties in release of Taliban prisoners, resumption of violence by the Taliban ending RIV denotes intra Afghan talks to commence by 10 March could be delayed.

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