A survey of the statements by denotes the range of discussions with each side delving on issues of primary importance
The Modi Putin Sochi Summit against the backdrop of similar summits by Mr Putin with the German, French and Japanese heads of state bespokes of international concerns in times of uncertainty
Better late than never, Indian Ministry of Defence has made the first public foray into Artificial Intelligence
Attempting to pitch into the developing situation on the Korean Peninsula, India sent the Minister of State for External Affairs General Dr. V.K. Singh (Retd.) to North Korea.
Three new points of contentions have emerged in West Asia (Middle East) which may result in increasing tensions and widening the scope of ongoing conflicts in the region.
Air defence philosophy can be defined as Full Spectrum as Air Defence comprise of layered defence network .
Traditional context of air defence entails protection of airspace from combat strike fighters , in the expanded threat paradigm, multiple threats have been identified
Pakistan's deposed Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's explosive statement on Mumbai 26/11 has to be seen against the backdrop of ongoing internal political battles with the Army & judiciary
Is Maldives attempting to reach out to India for greater credibility in the coming elections or is it a geographical reality that has dawned on President Yameen remains to be seen?
Will the Truce be acceptable to all stake holders and will the proposal be taken up in earnest, an analysis of the key factors that will determine the outcome.
President Trump and his core advisers believe that Iran has gained from the nuclear deal as lifting of sanctions has spurred missile programme as well as support to militias in the region
A review of stability projections and trends in Afghanistan based on political, governance, security and violence, foreign policy and economic developments
An examination of data compiled by Pajhwok Afghan News (PAN) and the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) shows increase in level of violence in 2018 .
The Informal Wuhan Summit underlined the resolve of the Indian and Chinese leaders to reset relations with strategic guidance to the military which may need harmonisation of maritime strategy as well as QUAD
The Pakistan Army's failure to negotiate with the Pashtun Tahfuz Movement (PTM) may have larger consequences due to break down of trust with the community leaders.
Despite recent rapprochement (s) in the Asia Pacific geo-political risks seems to have elevated due to turbulence in the Middle East among other factors
North and South Korea detente may or may not lead to denuclearisation; either way is advantage China without having spent too much diplomatic capital.
India's comprehensive engagement with France having many dimensions with close inter-relationship in critical areas such as defence and security, space and now terrorism reviewed.
India's response to growing Russia Pakistan relations to include political, economic, defence and security and may extend to nuclear and space has to be tempered given growing complexity of regional and global politics.
While the Central Police Forces specialist elements as the CRPF Cobra are well trained and motivated they lack intimate knowledge of terrain and local network where State special forces have the edge.

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