South Asia's Slow Progress in HDI Remains A Concern

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Human Developoment Report provides an insight into not just the progress in development in the World but the rise in new inequalities which is claimed to be a reason for the 2019 Spring – the wave of protests that have swept in countries across the World.

These are touching not just the developing countries but many developed ones in say Europe which the UNDP Report “Beyond Income, Beyond Averages and Beyond Today,” concludes “ is a clear sign that, for all our progress, something in our globalized society is not working. Different triggers are bringing people onto the streets: the cost of a train ticket, the price of petrol, political demands for independence. A connecting thread, though, is deep  and rising frustration with inequalities.

The old inequalities were based on access to health services and education whereas the next generation of poverty is based on technology, education and climate, says the report.

The new inequalities referred to could be actually a sign of progress implying those that were considered as luxuries are now necessities or demands  by the people even in countries with low penetration of say broadband. Education is also a reason for driving aspirations which when unfulfilled moves people to the streets.

Statistically speaking South Asian countries figured poorly in the HDI ranking....................

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