ICG Update on the Global Hot Spots 2017

Crisis Group’s third update to our Watch List 2017 includes entries on Northern Triangle of Central America, Democratic Republic of Congo, post-ISIS Iraq, Myanmar’s Rohingya crisis, and Turkey’s refugee challenge,annual early-warning report identifies conflict situations in which prompt action by European Union and its member states would generate stronger prospects for peace,Flows of undocumented migrants from Central America, through Mexico and toward U.S.given rise to humanitarian emergency,treated by Washington as national security menace and justification for tougher border control,migrants from countries of Northern Triangle of Central America, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras to  U.S.  become as much a flight from life-endangering violence as search for economic opportunity.,Fear of undocumented migration to U.S. increasingly dominates political debate, U.S. concerns about security and economic effects of mass migration continue to drive restrictive immigration policy from both humanitarian and regional stability perspective for U.S. and its partners to help generate economic opportunities, better governance and broader social protection south of U.S. border,Political uncertainty and instability in  DRC growing as  one-sided implementation of Saint Sylvester agreement deepened gulf between newly invigorated regime and weakened opposition and civil society,With military defeat of ISIS drawing near, Iraq faces dramatic new challenges and Rakhine state’s alarming trajectory deteriorated further. …………….Please Log in or Subscribe to view full details…..


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