Skills Training in Bangladesh Aimed at Local, Refugee Women


The U.N. refugee agency calls a new training project in Cox's Bazar a potential "game changer" for local Bangladeshi and Rohingya refugee women who are learning potentially money-making skills. The UNHCR has teamed up for the project with a local nongovernmental organization, the Ayesha Abed Foundation. The program, which began in February and is now being scaled up, aims to provide income opportunities to hundreds of impoverished women by teaching them skills in craft production. The U.N. refugee agency says the goal is to train 500 women by the end of the year. Half that number will be Rohingya refugee women and the other half will be women chosen from among the Bangladesh communities hosting them. The UNHCR reports the women will receive a small stipend during the training period. If the project is successful, it says, it hopes to expand it to include hundreds more women........................

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