The Pashtun Question: A New Book

  RFE/RL Journalist Digs Deep Into ‘The Pashtun Question’ RFE/RL correspondent Abubakar Siddique's new book, " The Pashtun Question: The Unresolved Key to the Future of Pakistan and Afghanistan” (London; Hurst. 2013) has been greeted enthusiastically by numerous experts. At the April launch of the book at Johns Hopkins University's School of Advanced International Studies in Washington, DC, former U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan and to Pakistan Ryan Crocker said, "This is a seminal work... For anyone who has interest in South Asia, read this book." Experts such as former National Security Council Director for Iraq Douglas Ollivant, defense and strategic analyst Julian Lindley-French, India-based journalist Avalok Langer, and Pakistani columnist Mohammad Taqi have al...
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