An ISIS:Lashkar e Taiyyaba cohort expected to increase targeted attacks on Indian assets and personnel with weakening of government and security structures post pull out of U.S. Troops.
Differences over composition of the negotiating team to be fielded by mainstream Afghanistan political parties in Kabul continue to delay the commencement of intra Afghan talks.
With multiple crisis unfolding simultaneously such as political turmoil, fragile peace process, escalating Taliban violence, surging COVID-19 positive cases Afghanistan facing major challenges ahead
COVID 19 has disrupted the process of pull out by US troops from Afghanistan after the same commenced a couple of days after signing of Agreement with the Taliban on 29 February
Ministry of External Affairs summarized the outcome of the Video Conference of Leaders of SAARC Countries
PM Office shared details of the interaction of Prime Minister Modi with the leaders of the SAARC countries through video conference to chart out a common strategy in order to combat COVID-19 in the region.
Whatever be the risks rejuvenating SAARC based on issues could be attempted in the interest of joint mobilization to meet common challenges such as COVID 19, while continuing isolation of Pak on terror
Despite risk of Pakistan’s Establishment – Army and ISI scuttling the move, Prime Minister Modi’s initiative to possibly revive SAARC has become imperative given economic challenges
Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen said the future Islamic Government and complete ceasefire would be discussed if inter-Afghan talks begun.
Parallel swearing in ceremonies by Ghani and Abdullah raises despondency but hopes alive for reconciliation in the coming fortnight
After initial reluctance in acknowledging the final Presidential results in Afghanistan, Pakistan has now congratulated President Ashraf Ghani on assuming the post of the President
Return to violence, Afghan President's reluctance to release Taliban prisoners, President Trump's remarks that Taliban may return to power are markers that the peace agreement is floundering
India’s Ministry of External Affairs Official Spokesperson, Shri Raveesh Kumar elaborated on Indian response to the US and Taliban Agreement as well as the one between the Afghan government and the United States.
Kabul’s reluctance, legal and administrative difficulties in release of Taliban prisoners, resumption of violence by the Taliban ending RIV denotes intra Afghan talks to commence by 10 March could be delayed.
Fragile states with multiple fault lines as Iraq and Afghanistan cannot be molded to an external framework be it of democracy or socialism/communism through armed interventions
NATO welcomes significant first steps in pursuit of peaceful settlement to conflict in Afghanistan, Alliance and partners in Resolute Support Mission will implement adjustments, including reduction to military presence.
Given the nature of the agreement that involved one state and one non state actor the US and Taliban, difficulties in implementation emerge from the very first day.
The Islamic Republic of Iran believes that a lasting peace agreement in Afghanistan can be achieved only through an intra-Afghan dialogue with the participation of political groups in the country
Guarantees and enforcement mechanisms that will prevent the use of the soil of Afghanistan by any group or individual against the security of the United States and its allies.
India was amongst a small number who endorsed President Ghani's re-election, much will now depend on the political configuration that emerges in Kabul post the intra Afghan talks to protect Indian interests.

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