Afghanistan's Sikhs Strangers In Their Own Land

'When Are You Going Back?' Afghanistan's Sikhs, Strangers In Their Own Land "People often ask me, 'When are you going back to your home country?'" says Iqbal Singh. "Many people don't understand we are Afghans too. They think we've come from India or somewhere." Singh is a member of the dwindling Sikh minority in Afghanistan's eastern city of Jalalabad. Like many other Sikh communities in Afghanistan, Singh's ancestors settled in the country more than two centuries ago. Singh, 35, keeps alive his family's centuries-old tradition, selling herbal medicine -- locally known as Yunani (Greek) remedies -- in a small shop in a dusty downtown backstreet. But Singh says that times, people, and attitudes have changed drastically in Afghanistan since his ancestors' days, and that Sikhs of his g...
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