China PLA

ARMY-2018 International Military-Technical Forum opened at Patriot Expo centre in Moscow suburbs, Chinese companies showcased combat equipment, information and communications equipment, logistics equipment.
Chinese People Liberation Army held national recruitment exam , first after China launched comprehensive military reform. for non-military personnel opening door to whole society
All military commands in China should gather information about students' military training and send daily reports to CMC National Defense Mobilization Department.
China's first domestically designed aircraft carrier CNS Shandong, embarked on second sea trial from shipyard in Dalian, Liaoning province.
A periodic review of China’s nuclear capability to include doctrine, force organisation and modernisation trends denotes incremental accretions to strategic deterrence
With no joint statement after the meeting between Ms Nirmala Sitharaman and General Wei Fenghe pragmatic step by step approach is the way ahead.
General Wei Fenghe's visit to India, signals recovery in military-to-military relations ,will strengthen mutual trust,facilitate regional peace.
Commander of the PLA Rocket Force, he was appointed PRC Central Military Commission member at the First Session of the 13th NPC held in March 2018.
President Xi Jinping called to strengthen leadership of CPC Party, building armed forces,offer effective political support for stronger military.
Digital combat unit of China's PLA conducted live-fire drills at altitude of over 4,000 meters on Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.
Overview of the Pentagon 2018 Report on military developments in China indicates PLA Army capability to dominate the LAC/IB sectors on Sino Indian borders
Infantry battalion of PLA Ground Force honing ability to move quickly and efficiently for about four years in northeastern China to forge new fighting force.
Taskforce Wuhu Hull 539 and Handan Hull 579, Dongpinghu Hull 960 set sail to Gulf of Aden ,Somalia for escort mission.
China ranked first in relay race event at International Army Games 2018 Seaborne Assault.
People's Liberation Army Navy hydrographic survey vessel Qian Weichang arrived at the port of Colombo .
China successfully developed and tested cutting-edge wave rider hypersonic aircraft.
China developed and tested cutting-edge hypersonic aircraft that rides its own shock waves.
China’s PLAN commissioned Hongdu JL-10H advanced trainers.
Bearing heights in mechanized warfare often higher points in geographical scope.
Frequent reports of relevant units of PLA attach importance to amphibious combat training in official media of Chinese military,

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