China PLA

Armed military vehicle designed for airborne mission debut at 17th China Cross-Straits Technology, Projects Fair in Fuzhou.
Chinese President Xi Jinping met delegates attending 13th Party Congress of Chinese PLA Air Force in Beijing.
China Central Television (CCTV) Channel 7 to refocus on military affairs move to expand national defense publicity, education.
China's aircraft carriers will frequently cross through sea lanes including Miyako Strait for deployment in west Pacific and Indian oceans .
China's maritime early warning radar system immune to radar killer missiles capable of detecting stealth aircraft can detect naval and aerial hostiles under any weather condition.
China launched rocket from mobile launch platform in Yellow Sea off Shandong Province sending two technology experiment satellites.
Chinese People's Liberation Army Rocket Force showcases cluster of 10 DF-21D anti-ship ballistic missiles .
PLA Army holds first competition for border and coastal ship-and-boat troops in Zhenjiang.
The JL 3 when deployed will enhance Chinese strategic deterrence vis a vis the United States and marks another indicator of China's increasing catch-up with US
Chinese defense minister, criticized United States for supporting independent Taiwan and naval operations in the South China Sea region.
China sent defense minister to take part in annual Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore known as Asia Security Summit.
President Xi Jinping points out military academies should produce graduates to fight wars,to focus school activities on ability to fight and win.
China mobile new self-propelled anti-aircraft gun,Military experts said could eliminate threats from precision weapons like drones, cruise missiles.
Xi stresses military personnel education for strong armed forces, Military education should meet requirements of combat, needs of armed force also demands of future missions.
Outline on Xi Jinping's thinking on strengthening military for training of military personnel compiled by Central Military Commission
Cambodia Dismisses Chinese Naval Base Editorial Part of Misinformation Campaign aimed to damage country’s international image.
China conducted Maritime exercise hailed as world's most advanced medium-sized amphibious assault vehicle that can join amphibious landing ships in land assault missions.
Nuclear deterrence targeted against non-nuclear-weapon states manifestation of hegemonism, power politics, said Chinese Ambassador.
Chinese military analysts said, China to build more guided missile destroyers as China launched two Type 052D guided missile destroyers in Dalian.
Modernisation of delivery, a viable triad, dilemma of conventional and the nuclear missile systems and change in NFU posture to LOW need tracking.

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