China PLA

PLA special forces equipped with futuristic individual combat weapons like grenade-launching assault rifles etc aiming to build super soldiers capable of 1 vs 10 meeting digitalization of modern warfare.
China far-reaching, anti-ship ballistic missile DF-26 mobilized to Northwest China's plateau and desert areas after US warship trespassed into China's territorial waters off Xisha Islands.
Chinese military important force in maintaining world peace- stability said military expert He Lei, former vice president of Academy of Military Science of Chinese PLA
PLA procuring stealth parts for China aircraft carrier-based fighter jet manufacturer for fighter jet FC-31.
Chinese navy sees broadened horizon, enhanced ability through 10 years of escort missions joined in multinational patrols of Gulf of Aden, coast of Somalia
Army of Southern Theater Command of Chinese People’s Liberation Army started emergency mine sweeping operations along border of China- Myanmar in Mangshi.
Continued transgressions till resolution of the boundary issue are expected though CBMs are likely to ensure conflagrations are avoided.
China's State-owned arms company AVIC to deliver 100th made-for-export Wing Loong drone, as company expects to produce 100 high-end drones per year by 2025.
Xi Jinping said, China must continue to enhance political loyalty of armed forces, strengthen them through reform, technology, run them in accordance with law.
China's domestically made 10,000-ton class missile destroyer Type 055 recently underwent high-speed test, completed most trials, will go through weapons system tests.
International College of Defense Studies of NDU of Chinese PLA recently conducted questionnaire among foreign students about whether China development opportunity or challenge
PLA Air Force r introduced new type of medical care aircraft variant of Y-9 medium-sized transport plane that can operate not y as air ambulance, also flying hospital.
China armed forces performed complex mid-air refueling for its J-10B fighter jet , during training drills .
Chinese defense experts reaffirmed Chinese military commitment to upholding peace and regional stability, during press event ICDS at NDU in Beijing.
PLAAF and PAF are conducting a joint exercise at an air base near Karachi which was also visited by the Pak Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa
Modified two-seat variant of J-15 fighter jet spotted at Chinese aircraft carrier training base .
Joint military drill between China -India Codenamed Hand-in-Hand 2018 kicked off in Chengdu Sichuan Province.
PLA smart watches distributed to soldiers Developed by PLA Navy equipped with smart verification systems, electronic compasses, BeiDou satellite navigation, other remote receivers.
Chinese PLA Navy left port city of Zhanjiang in south China's Guangdong Province to escort civilian ships. for Gulf of Aden and waters off Somalia to escort civilian ships.
Chinese military experts predicted PLA Navy will operate at least five aircraft carriers in near future including country first two nuclear-powered ones likely be launched around 2025.

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