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Deep undersea communications through BeiDou Sat Com network will enhance stealth as well as strengthen strategic links for SSBN operations
China will send 10 satellites to join the BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS) through seven separate launches this year
China has achieved real-time transmission of deep-sea data at 6,000-meter depth through its self-developed BeiDou satellites for the first time
China has already been able to modify the Su-30MKK's fire control system to give it the capability to use China’s homegrown weapons.
8th India-China Joint Working Group on Counter-terrorism & 13th Meeting of the Working Mechanism for Consultation & Coordination on India-China Border Affairs held recently
China multi-role fighter jet J-16 covered by coating providing stealth capability can carry all types of air-to-surface weapons in precision strikes.
Theater Command Air force of PLA launched first online psychological counselling platform for soldiers, families on its WeChat account.
China showed launch of its new-generation missile for the first time, DF-26 able to adjust position mid-flight, attack moving aircraft carriers : experts
Chinese Navy enters Indian Ocean also for safety of ships from all countries says Experts, Indian Navy to beef up surveillance of Chinese vessels entering via Straits of Malacca.
PLA urged to develop new techniques, tactics to integrate with new weapons systems such as Type 99A tanks ,J-20 fighter jets
Chinese four advanced warships under PLA Southern Theater Command's South China Sea Fleet set sail for deepwater exercises with PLA Air Force, Rocket Force, Strategic Support Force
US DIA Report indicates transformation of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) to the digital era by undertaking the process of “informatization,” enhancing joint operations capability
Transformation of the PLA from ground warfare capabilities to a joint informationised force underlined, China MFA not unexpectedly refutes Report as US Cold War mentality
General Li Zuocheng of CMC met with Chief of US Naval Operations Admiral John Richardson in Beijing , China-US diplomatic relations proved they share common interests than disputes.
China expressed opposition to participation by United States, other countries in Taiwan's submarine production project.
China Underground Steel Great Wall could guarantee security of country strategic arsenal against potential attacks, including those from future hypersonic weapons.
Xi Jinping called to advance Party building, demanded greater strategic achievements in strict governance over Party.
Under command of Senior Col Hao Jingwen , Air Force brigade strengthened joint training with other types of military forces aims to become world-class.
President Xi Jinping ordered Chinese armed forces to enhance combat readiness from new starting point, new ground for developing strong military.
PLA in Southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region equipped with new vehicle-mounted howitzers, aims to boost high-altitude combat capability to improve border security.

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