China PLA

Information Promotion and Transfer General Grade PLA Army Officers, Commander of Tibet Military Command, Deputy Commander of Tibet Military Command and Tibet’s Military Status
Sixth bilateral exercise Sea Guardians-2020 between Pakistan Navy, PLA (Navy) held at Pakistan Navy Dockyard, Karachi.
Accelerate the Construction of the Lhasa to Shigatse Expressway& the Controlled Project from Medog (Motuo) to Chayu (Zayu) is Planned to Start Construction this Year
Operating over the vast autonomous regions of Tibet and Xinjiang, PLA could envisage splitting the Western Theatre Command for viable command and control, even as the Indian Northern Command Chief is in Chengdu.
All units, troops in army instructed to strengthen ideology of be soldier to wage war, lead soldiers to wage war, train troops to wage war by Xi Jinping.
Nyingchi Linzhi Railway Station in Tibet Autonomous Region, China expected to be completed in October 2021.
China Launches 10th Shield Warship this year, Extended Version of 05D Destroyer Already Delivered
Last beam of Baizhen grand bridge erected steadily completing bridge at Lhasa-Linzhi Railway in Tibet.
In case the Early Harvest proposals are pursued India will gain by settling the disputes in the Central Sector (space) but may lead to creation of a vulnerability to the Siliguri Corridor website on 22 December 2019 published an article titled "No one shows interest on India auctioning decommissioned aircraft carrier, why anyone suggest China to buy?"
Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Navy is training jet fighter pilots to sail and command warships, a move that aims to create more capable commanding officers for aircraft carriers
3rd National War Game Simulation Competition in 2019 organized by CICC, CSIC, CETC LES Information System Co., Ltd, Focusing on Military Intelligent Competition, Promoting Innovation
Chinese PLA Navy training jet fighter pilots to sail, command warships aims to create more capable commanding officers for aircraft carriers.
India and China reaffirmed commitment to combat terrorism as Exercise Hand in Hand 2019 opens in Umroi Training Node
Incidentally Indian Army has been using pre-fab shelters in high altitude areas for temporary camps and quick building of new locations for decades
While China has been named as one of the principal threats in the US National Security Strategy and Defense Strategy, NATO is reluctant to create another adversary.
DF-17, China's hypersonic missile was first revealed at the National Day military parade on October 1. India has held technology demonstration and trials of at least three systems
China PLA is conducting simultaneous joint exercise with armies of all weather friend Pakistan and strategic partner India.
The 8th India-China joint training exercise 'HAND-IN-HAND 2019' with the theme counter terrorism under United Nations mandate is scheduled to be conduct at Umroi, Meghalaya.
PLAAF claims is accelerating the transition of its tasks from territorial air defense to both offensive and defensive operations, and constantly improves its capabilities

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