China PLA

According to a news report published in Tibet News Network on 19 March 2020, Linzhi (Nyingchi) City, Tibet has recently resumed work of 51 key projects.
Since the restructuring and reform of People's Liberation Army (PLA), various types of new equipment have been distributed to the army.
PLA unveils latest Z-10 attack helicopter upgrade indicates that domestic-made attack helicopter equipped with stronger engines.
Chinese military will adopt new regulation on confidentiality to better manage cybersecurity risks amid the increasingly intense strategic games between China-US.
Aviation Brigade of Western Theatre Command Air Force begins combat drill and is now doing best to prevent epidemic situation also focusing on combat training.
Chinese PLA conducts combat-ready patrol to address current security situation across Taiwan Strait to test integrated combat capability of multiple services.
China issues new regulation on military organizational management adapting new establishment functions.
Homemade strategic cargo plane Y-20 joins battle against epidemic, epicenter of COVID-19 outbreak with medical reinforcements, supplies to join battle against epidemic.
Falcon" commando units of the Chinese People's Armed Police Force (PAPF) welcomed a special group of guests - the Army (PLA) expert team formed to prevent military training injuries.
Xi Jinping stressed importance of drawing on lessons from novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak improving systems , prevention, public health emergency management.
Military Bloggers view on China Grand Strategy in New Era (Part 2), Building Strong Military System says country without a strong-armed force will inevitably become a lamb slaughtered by others
An air defence brigade of the Tibet Military Command conducted an anti-aircraft live ammunition exercise to simulate the interception and attacking of incoming cruise missiles under combat background
Chinese PLA Rocket Force conducted nuclear attack survival exercise where troops in underground missile facility endured extreme conditions with readiness to launch nuclear counterattacks.
Nanchang, China's first Type 055 guided-missile destroyer commissioned in PLA Navy in port city of Qingdao
China world first large three-engine utility drone first flight reliable, versatile can be used in transport, attack missions.
PLA Training plan for 2020 based on instructions issued by President Xi Jinping, stressed strengthening military training in real combat conditions.
PLA Exhorted to Stick to Socialism with Chinese Characteristics , to realize goals, missions given by Communist Party of China
AVIC warplane developer to develop nine types of aircraft, conduct maiden flights for four types of aircraft, receive production permit for one type of aircraft in 2020.
China change its military conscription, retirement frequency from once a year to twice a year, starting from 2020 of great significance for recruiting high-quality soldiers.
China most advanced J-20 stealth fighter jets assigned ace unit conducting real-combat scenario training with powerful J-16, agile J-10C jets, PLAAF revealed,

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