China PLA

PLA urged to develop new techniques, tactics to integrate with new weapons systems such as Type 99A tanks ,J-20 fighter jets
Chinese four advanced warships under PLA Southern Theater Command's South China Sea Fleet set sail for deepwater exercises with PLA Air Force, Rocket Force, Strategic Support Force
US DIA Report indicates transformation of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) to the digital era by undertaking the process of “informatization,” enhancing joint operations capability
Transformation of the PLA from ground warfare capabilities to a joint informationised force underlined, China MFA not unexpectedly refutes Report as US Cold War mentality
General Li Zuocheng of CMC met with Chief of US Naval Operations Admiral John Richardson in Beijing , China-US diplomatic relations proved they share common interests than disputes.
China expressed opposition to participation by United States, other countries in Taiwan's submarine production project.
China Underground Steel Great Wall could guarantee security of country strategic arsenal against potential attacks, including those from future hypersonic weapons.
Xi Jinping called to advance Party building, demanded greater strategic achievements in strict governance over Party.
Under command of Senior Col Hao Jingwen , Air Force brigade strengthened joint training with other types of military forces aims to become world-class.
President Xi Jinping ordered Chinese armed forces to enhance combat readiness from new starting point, new ground for developing strong military.
PLA in Southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region equipped with new vehicle-mounted howitzers, aims to boost high-altitude combat capability to improve border security.
PLA special forces equipped with futuristic individual combat weapons like grenade-launching assault rifles etc aiming to build super soldiers capable of 1 vs 10 meeting digitalization of modern warfare.
China far-reaching, anti-ship ballistic missile DF-26 mobilized to Northwest China's plateau and desert areas after US warship trespassed into China's territorial waters off Xisha Islands.
Chinese military important force in maintaining world peace- stability said military expert He Lei, former vice president of Academy of Military Science of Chinese PLA
PLA procuring stealth parts for China aircraft carrier-based fighter jet manufacturer for fighter jet FC-31.
Chinese navy sees broadened horizon, enhanced ability through 10 years of escort missions joined in multinational patrols of Gulf of Aden, coast of Somalia
Army of Southern Theater Command of Chinese People’s Liberation Army started emergency mine sweeping operations along border of China- Myanmar in Mangshi.
Continued transgressions till resolution of the boundary issue are expected though CBMs are likely to ensure conflagrations are avoided.
China's State-owned arms company AVIC to deliver 100th made-for-export Wing Loong drone, as company expects to produce 100 high-end drones per year by 2025.
Xi Jinping said, China must continue to enhance political loyalty of armed forces, strengthen them through reform, technology, run them in accordance with law.

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