Pakistan’s incomprehensible Afghan policy is a serious impediment to bringing peace to Afghanistan, says Saad Hafiz in Daily Times on June 5.
According to Hafiz, Democracy must be built through open societies that share information.
Progressive Muslims must continue their struggle against religious fascism writes Saad Hafiz.
Keeping Kashmir central in its bilateral relationship with India has cost Pakistan dearly says Saad Hafiz.
Reactionary forces largely unchecked made profound inroads in society and Pakistan shown little or no resolve to fight back.
Repeal of blasphemy laws is not about wishing to deny people right to feel offended or to defend their beliefs says Saad Hafiz.
Pakistan classified as rentier state trading its strategic utility for military and economic assistance, says Saad Hafiz.
The Islamic concepts of martyrdom and jihad provide justifications for violence and infect contemporary understanding of Islam.
It is easy to challenge the legitimacy of a future caliphate espoused by Daesh.
Muslim civil society remains shallow by world standards.
US can use its considerable bilateral and multilateral economic leverage to compel Pakistan to cooperate writes Saad Hafiz.
The current military leadership remains contemptuous of politicians.
Militant groups exploit draconian laws to legitimise their moral authority and galvanise flourishing conservative Islamic groups.
Pak analyst Saad Hafiz writes in Daily Times

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