Opposition parties and the government are gearing up for protests and no confidence motion against Senate Chairman in what will be a hot political July in Pakistan
Serious political and administrative challenges are evident for Imran Khan with allies showing dissent and fake encounter rattling the Punjab administration
PM Imran Khan believes that he has a good case for turning the screws on Pakistan’s main political parties and emerge as a long term political alternative
The political battle to ease out the Sharifs and Zardaris from the mainstream seems the main theme in Pakistan in the year ahead.
Sharifs who have held power in Punjab province for umpteen years can be cornered for corruption, but the timing of the arrest smirks political vendetta
Khan’s position appears invincible for now with the federal and three provincial governments led by the PTI, but multiple endemic challenges will act as severe tests
Did the invisible hand play a role in dividing the opposition which jointly had more numbers than the PTI after the 25 July polls?
While PTI will be able to conjure up a working majority, the marginal edge means that Imran will be leading a fragile coalition in the coming years in Pakistan
Favourable winds are blowing for Imran Khan and the PTI ; however numbers in the National and Punjab Assembly seem to suggest a long and heavy tail which will have to be effectively managed.
As Pakistan holds the national and provincial assembly elections on July 25, a look at the details and the Swing Factors
In case the PML N comes to power there is better chance of "Naya Pakistan" in terms of governance and foreign policy that is not wedded to the military’s directives.
A post elections government in Pakistan will face considerable challenges on multiple fronts – political, security, diplomacy and economic in the short term
Ahead of Nawaz and Maryam Sharif’s landing in Pakistan today, a look at what the prospects look like and impact on the Pakistan Elections
With the military and judiciary joining hands with Election Commission of Pakistan, pre-poll rigging is no longer a secret with the beneficiary being King’s Party Imran Khan and PTI.
Having received a setback of a 10 year sentence, former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif vowed to return to Pakistan from London where he is at the side of his convalescing wife, Kulsoom.
There was a political storm though largely expected with the accountability court in Islamabad sentencing former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to 10 years in jail
While many scenarios are in the offing, for the Army the baseline scenario appears to be to deny PML N an absolute majority.
Pakistan’s ousted Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif continued to standby his statements on state complicity in the Mumbai 26/11.
The Supreme Court judgement on 14 April ruling that disqualification of a person under Article 62 (1)(f) of the constitution is in perpetuity may mar PML N chances in elections.
With opposition uniting and recent setbacks in the Senate elections there is disconcert in the PML N of possible weakening of the surge of support to the party in recent months
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