Upgraded JF-17 fighter jet features technologies from China top-notch J-20 fighter jet co-developed by China- Pakistan claimed to enhance combat efficiency
China most advanced J-20 stealth fighter jets assigned ace unit conducting real-combat scenario training with powerful J-16, agile J-10C jets, PLAAF revealed,
PLAAF claims is accelerating the transition of its tasks from territorial air defense to both offensive and defensive operations, and constantly improves its capabilities
PLA Air Force ground air defense system, Informationised, Integrated
PLAAF, Capability Review, J 20 Stealth and Y 20 Strategic Bomber front line combat aircraft demonstrated
A photo appeared on a China Central Television (CCTV) program on Monday shows a J-11B under the People's Liberation Army Air Force carrying a large missile under its wing.
People's Liberation Army (PLA) undertook intensive combat training in the first two months of 2019 after Chinese President Xi Jinping ordered enhance combat readiness
China multi-role fighter jet J-16 covered by coating providing stealth capability can carry all types of air-to-surface weapons in precision strikes.
Although China's J-20 fighter jet hasn’t had opportunity to be tested in the battlefield, it has been accelerating pace in forming combat capabilities
China's People's Liberation Army Air Force recently conducted combat training involving three types of its most advanced fighter jets, carrying air-to-air missiles
A ground joint air defense exercise "Blue Shield-18" was organized by the PLA Air Force with air defense units from the PLA Army, Navy, Air Force and Rocket Force
Shen Jinke, spokesman for PLA Air Force said, China's J-20 stealth fighter jets begun first-ever combat training over ocean.
China's new multi-role fighter jet J-10C begins combat duty announced People's Liberation Army air force ,
PLAAF released the video and commemorative envelopes of the J-16 fighter bomber, the J-20 stealth fighter jet and the J-10C fighter jet
A J-10 and a J-11 fighter jets attached to aviation brigade of air force before takeoff for combat sortie.
PLA fully executing military training instructions issued by President Xi Jinping on January 3 ,2018.
Senior Colonel Shen Jinke said, ahead of 68th anniversary Chinese Air Force aiming to expand effective combat zone .
A J-10 fighter jet soars over sky for sortie during "Red Sword-2016" systemic confrontation training exercise held by Chinese PLA Air Force in deep desert on Nov. 10, 2016.
Mighty Dragon showcases Chinese air force's remarkable progress over past two decades.

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