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Bangladesh Navy’s Ming Class Subs Coming
Security Risks Research
Apr 8, 2014
Dhaka is purchasing two submarines from China in a deal that has portends of increasing militarisation of the Bay of Bengal.
Countering the Indian Mujahideen: Leader Decapacitation
Rahul Bhonsle
Mar 25, 2014
Leader Decapacitation: India’s Counter Terrorism Success
Russia Examines Its Options for Responding to Ukraine
George Friedman
Mar 18, 2014
George Friedman outlines Russian options including invasion of Ukraine
T P Srivastava
Mar 18, 2014
Cold War status in Asia is a fact of history.
EC dismissals: Commonwealth, UK, EU, and India join international chorus of concern
Ahmed Naish
Mar 17, 2014
As “a close friend and neighbour of the Maldives”, the Indian government urged state institutions and political parties to respect the constitution and rule of law.
Crimea: The referendum, the mote and the beam
Jan Oberg
Mar 17, 2014
A critic of Russia as well as the West for situation coming to this pass in Ukraine
Saji Abraham
Mar 17, 2014
Chinese study K.M. Panikkar as an influential figure in the history of Indian maritime thought
Afghanistan: Taliban Violence Threatens Election
Human Rights Watch
Mar 16, 2014
More threats and violence are expected as the campaign for provincial council seats, which began on March 4, gains momentum.
Is Bangladesh On the Sights of Al Qaeda?
Rahul Bhonsle
Mar 7, 2014
Politics over the video may prove dangerous providing extremists the space that they have been seeking
US QDR 2014 - Tracing Shifts in India US Defence Relations
Rahul Bhonsle
Mar 5, 2014
Defense Trade and Technology Initiative (DTTI) emerges as lynchpin of future US India Defence relations
Navy Chief’s Resignation: A Survey Of The Big Picture
Rahul Bhonsle
Feb 28, 2014
A tribute to the brave hearts and survey of the big picture on the Navy Chief's Resignation
India’s Defence Budget 2014-15: New Acquisitions Challenged
Rahul Bhonsle
Feb 17, 2014
A quick analysis reveals that new acquisitions may suffer with major procurements as MMRCA and Light Howitzers in the offing in 2014 - 15
India’s Defence Budget 2014-15 – Expect a 15 - 20 percent Hike
Rahul Bhonsle
Feb 6, 2014
Despite economic despondency, a hike is inevitable due to committed liabilities and projected plans for acquisitions argues Rahul Bhonsle
Talk Asian Cooperative Security and Not Just Balancing China
Rahul Bhonsle
Jan 25, 2014
The temptation to work out a balance of power understanding vis a vis China is strong.
China builds army 'with peace in mind' claim Chinese Analysts
Security Risks Monitor
Jan 22, 2014
China Military Online quoting China Daily stated that it may take time for traditional powers in the Asia-Pacific to become accustomed to a stronger Chinese military
PLA General Staff maps out military training work in 2014
Security Risks Monitor
Jan 21, 2014
"Instructions lays emphasis on actual-combat-based training so that training can truly fulfill the essential requirements demanded by modern warfare".
Extreme Cold Climate Training by PLA
Security Risks Monitor
Jan 13, 2014
The training carried out in Inner Mongolia AR in the North would be relevant for the Tibetan plateau where temperatures and snow conditions are similar
Highlights of India’s Achievements in Space Technology
Security Risks Monitor
Jan 11, 2014
Minister V Narayanasami, indicates development of next generation launch vehicle GSLV Mk III, which currently is in advanced stage. This will give a fillip to the ballistic missile development programme.
India Enhances Defence & Security Support to Afghanistan
Security Risks Research
Jan 8, 2014
Regional stability is the key strategic interest that India has in Afghanistan given that this remains the prime concern from the view of expanding threat of terrorism and extremism.
Do's & Dont's Women's Security in India
Narindra Bhatia & Rahul Bhonsle
Dec 14, 2013
The advisory essentially outlines basic precautions and emergency measures to be taken by women given the prevalent environment.
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